Continuity of Self

By Susan David
When we are living the reality of each day—the busyness, the meetings, the checklists, the shopping—we are often so focused on the present that we forget the bigger picture of our lives: that there is a child inside of all of us that had hopes, dreams, and beliefs. Are you caring for that child? Are you honoring what they wanted?

It’s also easy to forget that there is a future elderly self who will look back and decide whether it has been a good life. Are you looking after that person?

These questions start to evoke what psychologists call the continuity of the self. Continuity of the self is the ability to recognize and connect with yourself despite the passing of time and changing circumstances, and it’s a powerful motivator of behavior.

As you move into the next week, I hope you’ll pause to connect with yourself and give yourself the support you need. If you do, I’d love to hear how it goes.

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